“Easiest way to manage your accounts,..       
budgets and bills on the Palm”
Welcome to Dough Support

Dough is an integrated solution for the Palm Pre and Pixi users to manage their accounts, set a budget and track their bills in one place.

With Dough users can create unlimited accounts (checking, savings, credit card etc.), manage a monthly budget, see their spending using graphical reports, track theirs bills and much more.

Benefits of using Dough include:
  • Accurately track account balances incl. cleared transactions
  • Avoid overdraft and late charges
  • Manage spending within a budget
  • Identifying areas in which spending is too much or too little
  • Track spending trends over time
  • Plan and save for purchases
  • Being on top of an unlimited number of bills
  • Never missing a bill payment

  • Dashboard gives access to all the important modules in one place.
  • The user can access their accounts, budgets, reports, bills and tools such as loan calculator from a central location.

  • Each account captures detailed information such as start balance, account number and memo.
  • Users can set accounts as hidden or masked (excluded from calculations).
  • Each account can be sorted on date,description,amount,categories or cleared in descending and ascending order.

  • Dough lets the user create and manage a monthly budget.
  • The user can easily add, modify or delete categories to suit their unique needs. Going from month to month is achieved using the arrow keys in the header.
  • Realtime snapshot is avaliable at all times of money spend and money remaining within a category or within the overall budget.

  • The transaction view is comprehensive including details such as running balance, date in long format, visually appealing icons (for categories) and distinguishing colors for income and expense transactions.
  • Recurring transactions can be generated in a wide range of periods from weekly all the way to annual.

 Bills Screen - Unpaid
  • The bills screen offers three views - unpaid, paid and all bills.
  • The unpaid bills view shows the number of bills and total on all unpaid bills.
  • Each bill displays number of days left until due.
  • The icon changes to warning if bill is due today or overdue.
  • Partial payments are shown with a vertically sliced icon.

 Recurring Bills
  • Wide range of recurring period choices starting with one week all the way to annual.
  • Ability to change recurring settings on the fly. E.g. Change from repeating forever to end on a specific end date.
  • Recurring bills are generated daily for the next 30 days

  • Use the in-built calculator for any quick calculations.
  • The calculator is available any time the user wishes to add or modify a transaction (income, transfer or expense).

 Pie Charts
  • Pie charts lets the user see how much they are spending on certain categories in relation to their overall budget.
  • The user can use the pie chart to identify categories for tighter control leading to overall budget performance.

 Trend Graphs
  • Trend graphs look at the overall spending across months. Dough uses a six month timeline.
  • This will allow the user to see if their spending is improving or worsening across the budget period (months).
Please email us at dough@ codebeyond.mobi